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Hello there! My Name is Hisham Sadek. I’m a Site Reliability Engineer at Extreme Solution. Before this, I have worked at different companies as a Software Developer specialized in Web & Frontend Development for over 14 years and Graduated from Mansoura University, Egypt.

I’m a Certified Google Cloud Professional Cloud Archetict, with Experience in different areas of Software Development including Frontend Development, Cross Platform Development, Cloud Solutions Design. I collaborate Closely with Software Engineers and Operations to Design and Deliver Solutions for SMEs and Corporates in different parts of the world.

Outside work, I work on side projects related to Digital transformation and projects that keeps me up-to-date with new technologies. I write in my blog whenever I have a new topic to talk about. I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes. I’m a Formula 1 Fan - “Forza Ferrari!” -

You can always find me on Twitter or Linkedin if you wanted to ask a question or have a quick chat.