Hisham Sadek

5 Things Arab Web Designers Should Care For

I’ll just talk about Arab Web Designers and not all Graphic Designers , because most of them are doing great job except web designers .

Arab Web designers have the most complicated issue in the world of web design and which is .. They don’t think .. I’m not talking about all of them but many many of them especially those who work in Groups or oldy freelancers.

I was just in a discussion about our new website design for the next level of our work .. The Design is very cool but the problem was a small little thing that was turned into a crisis .. I will not talk about Details but I will talk about some things Arab Web Designers should really think about avoiding it :

Be Simple

Most of Arab web designers are so complicated in their works . They are very old-fashioned and keep doing that till now with the oldiest ways to do their work, Many don’t know the basics of HTML, CSS or javascript . They still work with Microsoft Frontpage to do their work and they love to Preview their works on IE6 .. In conclusion they love to do all what worldwide web designers avoid .

  • Start Thinking of being simple 
  • Learn the basics of XHTML, CSS and javascript 
  • Start using newer software to help you . 
  • Start Finding New Ideas to work
  • Start using frameworks to get you the best effects that beautfy your design (jQuery is the simplest example) .

Think for the long-term plan

Most of Arab Web Designers are just looking under their foot and not to their shadows .. They do not put long-term plans for what they are going to do and how to improve their experience more and more by time .
Planning your work is the first right step to improve your work day after day and knowing what you are going to do in years .. There are risks you should care for in your plan but it will be much better than the right-now plan .

Keep Learning - Don’t Be Jealous

Don’t think that you’re the most experienced person in the world while in the same time you’re doing the worest work ever . The Negative Self-trust is extremely dangerous for web designers . So Keep learning and finding sources for new Ideas, Inspiration to get the most of what you do .

Know The Right Terms

Most of People Think that Web 2.0 is just a simple design with weird colors . Well, The one who understands will call this crap. Web 2.0 is more than what they imagine and think . Although We’re in a turning point to launch the Semantic web or Web 3.0 but some designers still live in the old ages and he will never know what you are talking about .

Be Positive

As an Arab Web Designer, You should start thinking positivly about your web content in General and how to improve it, either by looking for the Good work from clients or trying to work on Projects that improve the Arabic Web content whatever It was but just to end the Idea of copying the information to lots of websites but at last It’s the same information
.So why don’t you start getting information by yourself to the Arab World ?