Hisham Sadek

Another Vodafone Disaster For me

I can’t believe those past two calls I made right now, SERIOUSLY ! .. How Come I use My Mobile Voice Line For YEARS ! And I get a message telling me ” Thank you for Using Vodafone Internet Prepaid” , My Line is switched to Data Line !

Yes My Voice Line was switched to a Data Line which works for USB Modems and Data devices .. I called Vodafone Support and the Guy told me :

” Switch Network To Manual, Choose any other network then choose Vodafone Back , Remove your SIM Card for 2 minutes and Turn it on again , It will work fine ”

Of Course I didn’t do such steps because It’s ridiculous, so couple minutes later I called them again, The Support Guy was a nice better one actually, He followed the issue and told me your line is USB Not voice line . Told him the story above, then he got full name and put me on hold for couple minutes, then it worked again as voice, but as a brand new one, with no balance which i didn’t find out except when I ended the call . Another call made to Support, made a complaint and I should call them tomorrow to check what they did .

The Point of this is not about the Balance which disappeared . It is about the bad service that made such a disaster happen . The only conclusion from this is that someone at a Vodafone Store committed something wrong while registering a new data line for some user and It turned out to be my line ! If you got any other suggestion for what happened, please leave a comment .