Hisham Sadek

Are We Going away from Real Life By Online Social Life ?

It was actually an Interesting Question Got on my mind while I was on twitter and read this reply. Are We really going away from the fact of real social life By online social life ?

I’m not talking about a general view, I’m taking the example of such countries or communities like in Middle East where It’s restricted for some reasons (politically, or by the effect of community itself …etc) , It could look some kind of hard to build successful relationship in real life where at some point ,no problems can be found between people .

Everything around us affects our real life more than ordinary where youth, some journalists find in that online social life the only way to speak up and complain and make better relationships with better kinds of people than we meet and find the suitable mind to think with and to spread the truth that can be hard to publish it in newspapers.

And even if we’re going away to this online social life, Do we use it as much as we communicate in our real life !

The point is, many people who will start to join this online social life will think It will be perfect life to stay online 24/7 with The twitter thing or facebook , It could be right with some situations when you actually need it for some reason or you’re the source of spreading information most of time, and vice versa, It could be a big mistake if you go away from that real life and got yourself involved in that online social life.

An Example for The Mistake

6th April Movement (Strike) is a look to the real face of the big mistake of this social life, The whole Idea was a Group on Facebook to Stay at Home and don’t go to work on April 6th, 2008. I still say although we need a change and we need such organized events and so on, This was the stupidest idea ever which caused a great damage . Those people may have thought that It’s something easy like a trip or something and Let’s go We can do it with nothing to organize it .

While In real Life, Workers who manage strikes most of times get what they want at last, like the train drivers strike few days ago in Cairo.

We need to think more in our actions and our life and how it look like , Not everything is an easy move like a send button we click on in our online social life . We have to be fair with ourselves .Also Read :
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