Hisham Sadek

Around Facebook New Features

I’m not the one who is always against something particular. Facebook has just announced two new features yesterday. First one was about mention, which allows users to tag friends within status updates, just like what twitter do when you reply a tweet “@username” .

The common way to talk about this feature is that Facebook steal Ideas from other websites, just the same as “Like” Feature which is a part of Friendfeed. But the same feature appeared before on other micro-blogging services such as Plurk or Identica .. then why we talk about it now .. Is it just because of Facebook or we just hate what facebook introduce to interact users !

The Second Feature which is really interesting is ”Facebook Lite”, The simple version of Facebook which loads faster and optimized for slow connections . It’s really fast with slow connections, However it doesn’t include some features such as Chat Service . With Facebook Lite, there are no more loading errors.

Two Interesting Features have been announced, which makes sharing easier with friends and expanding website for slow connection users .