Hisham Sadek

As Business : Let's Make it better without IE6

I think that most of firms and companies are all depending on Internet in their work especially those who are tech-related like Web Design Companies which I will talk a lot about.

We can not deny that There’s still LOTS of users who depend on IE6 to browse Websites as It’s the Default Browser With Windows XP which still own the big part in the market - after Vista FAIL- , and however Firefox is getting more users every month according to reports, we still suffer from Uncompitable IE6 . And unfortunately, Many Web Designers still try to make their works compitable with IE6 Thanks to conditional tags for CSS and Javascript and all those fixes for PNG which takes too much effort to make it working fine .

As an example of breaking the rules, I started to not care about IE6 anymore in my work . Each website I design I just view it in the lovely Firefox and IE7 and fixing the little issues with IE7.

In a poll we created on our new website at Pure Design Co. (Arabic) We asked the most common question if they like the new design or not . It was good to know that about 85% of visitors loved the new design, and the rest 15% didn’t like it or actually liked the old design more although most of them didn’t view it !

The only reason for choosing this was that It’s not compitable with IE6 and Thanks to Wordpress & Plugins I put the lovely Yellow Message at the top of website while viewing it with IE6 to Upgrade or Switching .

As a progress we made, We found through Google Analytics that IE6 users became fewer day after day and Other Browsers are Increased .

So Why Don’t others follow such step and start giving up that Old ugly Browser and Advice their clients to upgrade or switch from . We should have a rule about that as Microsoft is not planning for a Force-Upgrade or Stopping its Support .

Let’s make the Internet Better Without IE6, Mac & Linux users : You’re Lucky