Hisham Sadek

Chromium 4 .. Fastest Browser ?

Chromium 4 was released recently and It’s really going in the right way to get more users .. Chromium 4 which was released for Windows, OS X and Linux may not show lots of differences in what you see but shows a great difference when you use it . You can open like 25 or 30 tabs and You won’t feel the slow like how you do it with Firefox .

It’s really going fast too with its new version of Google’s V8 Javascript Engine and you can feel a bit difference between effects in Chrome 3 and 4 . And with Themes You can have a customized beautiful browser thanks to Skins Google offered for users since version 3 .

And also It has a better support for Flash especially for OS X which didn’t have Flash Support before .. Still didn’t have a try with Chromium 4 on Linux but hope they had supported flash on Linux too . It could be an alpha version but it shows great reasons to use .. Using 3 is the best option for now as there is no automatic updater with Chromium 4 .. Still expecting more from Chromium :)

You can download PC Version from Here