Hisham Sadek

Facebook Acquiring Friendfeed .. so what !

I was surprised actually while I read yesterday about Facebook acquiring Friendfeed. It was a surprise for all to see the great friendfeed, one of the greatest networks that got lots of geeks to join it and share everything everywhere from facebook, twitter, GReader, Stumbleupon ..

But today I just thought about it .. so what ! .. What’s wrong if Facebook Acquired Friendfeed .. Why all people think that Facebook will kill Friendfeed and we should look for other alternatives for lots of shared items !

Why don’t people think that Facebook would get help from Friendfeed to improve Facebook more to compete with other Social networks. There must be some changes to happen but as others said it would be like Labs for Facebook to find out what would be the best to integrate with Facebook in the future and help users to share more with the world ..


It’s even a great idea what people are working on after the acquire to create an open-source Clone for Friendfeed which looks like to be called CloneFeed. Maybe It’s time to start involving public more in the website not just content but There’s a hope It would be at least as Friendfeed or better .. That’s the real revolution towards Open Source .