Hisham Sadek

Facebook, Twitter .. Around Surprises

Each of both social networks Facebook and Twitter had surprises to show for their users . Twitter released its new home design to users which is more “blue” and better than the older one while defining what it means to tweet. so It’s not about Just Blogging or “Micro-blogging” but It’s now sharing everything that happens :

Share and discover what’s happening right now, anywhere in the world.

Twitter is more than a fun tool to share “What are you doing” with your friends, It’s more likely to be a source of information to visitors, users and Media .

It’s not just about the new design but showing some new way from twitter to sort trending topics which is popular right now, popular today or this week . Twitter is introducing its new media to public and Media to start to know that media is not the only way to know the news, people are the source of news and whatever happens on earth .

While Twitter was celebrating its new home page, a Facebook bug allowed some applications like Twitter and Friendfeed to post status updates that had access before to send to Facebook . It was really confusing that you are awake at 5 am or something like me and find your tweets are going to be updates on Facebook and you are through mobile and cannot get to reach those apps and remove them till bug is fixed .

Maybe Facebook would start looking for something new instead of just working on the design and get some features as “Like” which I still don’t use it a lot like Friendfeed .

Twitter next step : More Languages ? I hope so