Hisham Sadek

Firefox 3.5 - A Step Forward

Today should be the day to announce the Final Release of Mozilla Firefox 3.5. Unlike other browsers, Firefox has a great reputation since It was the browser who could compete with The Most Used Browser “IE”. Firefox is still gaining more in Browser’s Market Share, And with the New Release of Firefox, It will keep going forward to gain more users .. Users who wanna be Foxy !

What This release come up with for Users ?

Speed : 3.5 is really faster than Firefox 3. Updated Javascript Engine “TraceMonkey” is faster by 20-40 times than Firefox 3 Javascript engine “SpiderMonkey”.** **Simply, It’s just Faster than before =) . It’s not fast as Google Chrome or Safari 4 but better than Firefox 3.

Tabs : Grab & Drag is a previous Feature with Google Chrome & Safari . Now Firefox has it too . It’s kinda nice tool to grab a tab out of Main window or Dragging it inside again . The New Tab button is another new feature in the tab bar .. Just a single click and you open a tab instead of double click in a free space.

Private Browsing : Safari & Google Chrome were the first to show it to the market, Some of guys would call it “Porn Mode” as It hides what you open & What you want to hide but Porn Websites ! It’s a cool feature if you are using a public computer so others will not track what you were surfing .

Geo-Location : A Feature that is not Internationally supported which is powered by powered by Google’s Wi-Fi triangulation . It checks where you are and help you finding something local in your area .

Video Superpowers with HTML5 : This video By TechCrunch will show what it means (Fantastic!)

As to Web Developers, Welcome Firefox 3.5 . It’s now supporting more CSS3 Media queries such as text-shadow, @font-face, word-wrap, -moz-box-shadow . Now You can use CSS 3 Features and Don’t worry about Appearance =) (Just IE users, You won’t be able to see those effects) . Beside New DOM & Javasceipt Features, You will have faster & Better Web Applications .

Firefox 3.5 Final is already released on some websites like FileHippo.com but I’ll prefer to wait for the Final Announcement By Mozilla =)