Hisham Sadek

Freelance or working from home ? Triple Golden Rules to Kill Boring

If you’re like me, I’m a web designer and most of time I’m working from home .. It could be a way to feel comfort because you have everything you need around and you but also It could be a way to get bored from work and even bored from being at home for a lot of time .

And That’s how I feel in the past few days and was trying to find something new to do to get rid of boring .

1- Wake up Early, Sleep Early
That’s a role I started to do few days ago, Although we love Night and we achieve more work with less noise and some quiet time all over the place, but we then ruin our biological hour, the proper system of life we have .
Waking up Early makes you enjoy the moments of morning and fresh air you get, the right amount of light and a little breakfast .

2- Change Place you work in

Unlike usual work, Working from home doesn’t force you to stay at your workspace most of time to do your work. You can change your the place your work in, Moving from your workspace to another room, or the balcony or the backyard .

3- Simply, Go out

That’s the simple solution, You can go out and get what you need to achieve your work with you and go to some coffeehouse or a pub so you can see new people or having a chat with a friend or a co-worker. You can even go to gym and exercise for sometime .  It will really kill your boring .

Those are my 3 Golden Rules I used to follow, If you have other rules to follow Please share it with us .