Hisham Sadek

How to Update Your Contacts to New Numbers

I have just seen many people who don’t know how to automatically update their contacts to the new numbers for All 3 Egyptian Mobile Carriers, Here’s a Quick Post about How to Do it.


You can update your contact list using The Etisalat Application they released yesterday, and also you can use Felsaree3 App By Mobinil . The Apps will update your contacts whatever your carrier is . If you still want more There is Ozbotha For Blackberry & Tazbeet App For Blackberry .


iPhone users can Download Arkami App Through the Store , It’s not free BTW .. Or You Can Download Vodafone Engezly To Do the Magic .. FelSaree3 By Mobinil is Working on iPhone . Etisalat App & Tazbeet are still not updated with iOS Updaters ..


I have already used Egypt Contact Updater to update My Phone Contacts , Works Perfectly , There is also Egypt Mobile Numbers Updater App (Thanks @TheMaXeR) , Reviews saying it works find .. Both Free to Download .. If you still want more There is Tazbeet App For Android , Ozbotha For Android & Etisalat Numbering Application

Other Devices

I would recommend trying to use FelSaree3 App By Sending a Message to 1717 from your mobinil line , or Go to Etisalat Numbering Application Page to Detect your device, and there is also a list of devices if it couldn’t detect yours . For Nokia Smartphones & Other Smartphone Devices , Go Check Ozbotha .

Happy 6th of October Everyone :)