Hisham Sadek

It's Defenitly Google's Month (Goo.gl)

With Many Announces this December from Google, We can say It’s Defenitly Google’s Month. Starting this month, Google announced Chrome OS, then Chrome Browser for Linux and Mac, Google Phone yesterday and Today Google has a URL shortener.

With Google’s new url shortener (goo.gl), This would be a great competitive to Bit.ly which is the main url shortener for Twitter. “Google shortened URLs are automatically checked to detect sites that may be malicious and warn users when the short URL resolves to such sites.” says Muthu Muthusrinivasan in Google Blog .

This would be another 100% successful service from Google which is already combined in Feedburner (Goodbye to Twitterfeed) and Google Toolbar.

Shortened URL for this Post : http://goo.gl/fb/Vfrr