Hisham Sadek

Linkedin Prevents Access for Users in Syria !

Reports had shown up today about Linkedin in Syria . Linkedin has prevented Users inside Syria from Using the website . It’s been 3 weeks and users can not log in to their accounts on LinkedIn .

This is starting to be annoying for syrian users that everyday and every month something is prevented either by their government or by Companies itself . Google & Sun Microsystems already started before to prevent their services or some of those services with Google From Users in Syria according to the new policies that order companies in US to stop exporting Technological Services to Syria.

At the near past, We were looking for alternatives instead of Microsoft and its services for example and we then started to use open source software and services . OpenOffice By Sun Microsystems was from the most popular changes in software world instead of Microsoft Office . But What would happen right now !

We Hope to wait for some change in those policies By US. Preventing Technologies has never been the solution for solving or fighting terrorism or whatever .. Who needs the technology will get it with lots of ways, so make it simpler.