Hisham Sadek

Never Lie about what you do

As Full-time Web Designers, We are kinda have to always be in time with achieving work for clients in time, We have to be clear (Although we have to lie sometimes).

But when you try to lie, you should be very good to be able to lie .. especially if you’re going to lie on another one in the same field you work on ..

In the Arab world, you will find the most jealous web designers in the world .. They even be jealous because you’re not that successful one at work .. One of the main reasons to force them trying to lie or being jealous is that they do not follow the latest .. They don’t understand what it means to be a very good freelance web designer .. They always work with old techniques, They have the oldest strategies to follow up their work ..

Some of them pretend that they are working on very great projects while they don’t know how it is running or who owns those projects .. Why to lie when you can develop yourself, Being better than what you are doing now will help you a lot to have great experience and who knows , You may create one of those great projects in the future ..

It’s like a club over here, There are all kinds of people with all kinds of experience but Not all of them care about Quality and The Long Term of his futuristic plan that he didn’t even put ..

It should be the time to start looking forward to develop, to create better quality of work, to not be jealous because someone is better than what you do .. Forgetting all the jealous inside, and Never Lie about what you do

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