Hisham Sadek

Should Clients Trust employees or owners ?

As Employees or owners, We try to build relations with clients, Sometimes we go more through this relation that we can call it personal relation and not just for work .. On the other hand, while we try to build this work relation, some clients won’t look like to accept this relation either work or personal .

It’s very important whatever your business is, you should build a trustful relationship with your clients, so they will be happy with your services you offer and the way to accomplish their work .

But There must be a redline, a line that we mustn’t cross .. a line that is call personal relations. I wouldn’t deny that sometimes It goes beyond personal relations but I’m talking about the general idea of building trust with clients .

Anything Personal would have a bad effect on how work is accomplished and the success level we always try to reach with our businesses . To be fare, I will mostly talk about those relations who affect work . Some other personal relations doesn’t affect work but It improves how the work is accomplished .

It’s hard to control those relations with firm or business policies of work, so It would be so much better to monitor employees and their actions with relationships .