Hisham Sadek

The Future of Social Media in Arab Organizations

I’ve Been following Social Media for more than a year as I started to work with many Organizations. For some reason I could say that It’s not the responsibility of organizations to care about doing PR Campaigns but It’s also the responsibility of Communities itself.

Local Organizations ( I mean not in the capital or main city of the country ) do not even care or know what social media is however It could be a very successful organization but this does not deny the fact that using Services like Twitter, Facebook would be very helpful to allow more to get information and to help clients in the future in simple ways . The Negative point also is the companies’ websites does not offer the helpful content enough for clients or visitors .

Throughout My Experiment with UN Organizations in Egypt, Online Campaigns is a very important part to get to reach more people supporting their campaigns , for example I was responsible for launching the Online Campaign For World AIDS Campaign in Egypt for 2 years, At the first of All we focused on how to get the most out of Internet to support the online campaign, First of all We got head to Facebook . Through Facebook We Managed to create Group, Page, even An Application for WAC Egypt for years 2007, 2008 . Beside Integrating with the website of WAC Egypt, It gained more success than 2006 Campaign, and 2008 was so much better than 2007 while we got more visitors reaching to us from different ways (Facebook & Twitter Mainly) beside Search Keywords .

This was a simple thing that I learned that Our Community still did not got itself involved in more social services like Twitter which neither got Interest from Team work or even The Referrer from Facebook to Twitter.

Heading to UAE, I believe It’s more better than what we talked about in Egypt, The Community itself have involved organizations to start working on Marketing & PR Strategies and there It’s easier to know that organizations is depending on more social services to be on contact with clients and customers . We can even find More Startup companies there that works on useful social projects .

So Back to The general view of Arab Organizations and Social Media, It needs great improvements, Basically It needs more Educational Resources in Universities, It will be great of professors of Marketing started to care more about PR and how it could improve the organization and allow it to get more helpful information and reach to other points they may not did . It will be a great part to be included in the Integrated Marketing Communications.

More Info about Organizations in other Arab Countries will be helpful .