Hisham Sadek

Best 8 Twitter Android Apps

As I passed my 4th 5th year as a Twitter user, Twitter has changed a lot in those 4 years, with features, new UI, Twitter is expanded to everywhere. One of the most important sources to tweet is mobile apps that came to life to save a lot of time and money wasted on twitter text messages. through a one-year experience with Android, I almost tweeted from all the popular twitter clients, while trying couple of them with my friend @Budzaya she told me about writing a post for this to help everyone , so here I’m listing the best 8 Twitter apps to use on Android.

8- Twicca

Twicca is the best client when it comes to lightweight apps, It’s smooth with a simple and beautiful interface . With 1M-5M Installs, Twicca has covered the most features needed in a twitter client . one of its main features is color labels which remark tweets from important people you are following with different colors. twicca has also got plugins to get more features to twicca and you can even develop a plugin by yourself .

You can download Twicca from Play Store but it’s limited to some countries or at least it’s not available in Egypt although it’s free, you still can download it from Bazaar Android .

7- Twitter Official App

Twitter official app with its latest update is one of the most used clients between android users with 100-500 Million Installs, It’s got almost the same features of twitter web interface, and it has a better integration with Android so you can sync Twitter contacts with your phone contacts, For me it was the best client that offered push notifications, In some times I used to just open it to get notifications only & tweet from a different app .

It has a clean interface but it lacks better usability , in sometimes I feel it’s slow compared to other twitter clients . [ Download ]

6- Ubersocial

Ubersocial is still the most popular twitter client for ”Blackberry” ! Yes Ubersocial was the app that saved almost all users of Blackberry from lack of twitter apps on BB OS, Ubersocial took the step towards Android with acquiring Twidroyd which is now called Ubersocial For Android .

With a 1M-5M Installs, Ubersocial is considered one of the best clients with its popular customized bar on top for easier navigation, a newely UI to match the ICS look with different Themes, Multiple account support, Facebook Integration, Finding Tweets near your place, and the great Mute Feature . It covers all the basic features of twitter like lists, retweets, search . You can download it for free but the ads will keep annoying you on the bottom of it [ Download ]

5- TweetCaster

TweetCaster is available for the most Popular Mobile OS . TweetCaster for android is the 2nd most used client with 5M-10M Installs . As all clients, It’s got the basic features of twitter but what makes it special to get those millions of installs is those few features you can only find in like “Zip it” to mute a user, a word, a hashtag, It also got Multiple Widgets, Tweet Filtering, Offline Tweet Caching, Scheduled Tweets. It has a nice UI but recommending the dark UIs more .

You can download the free ad-version from Play Store or the premium version with no ads . [ Download ]

4- Plume

Plume as their developer describe it, an excellent twitter client for your android device . With its newly user ICS interface, Plume is optimized for Phone & tablet, you can colorize your friends tweets, enabling live stream mode to update ur timeline automatically, Internal Browser, Inline Photo Preview, and much more features.

You can download the free ad-version from Play Store or the Premium version with no ads . [ Download ]

3- Carbon

Many people have been waiting this app to be released, expected to be killer app for all other clients, Emirati App Carbon provides a simple app for Android 4.0+ Devices with a dark favorite UI , it’s not very perfect for a daily usage, refresh rate is only every 15 minutes only with no other options , Notifications are Okay and it has multiple login.

It worth a try if u r not a heavy twitter user. Available for Free with No Annoying Ads. [ Download ]

2- Neatly

Made In Egypt , Neatly by F16Apps provides a whole different experience on Android 4.0+ Devices and many other mobile platforms . Neatly offers a customizable timeline to read what you just want to read, a topics timeline, and a smart timeline which is really smart . it provides also a way to check your common interests with your friends , and best time to contact a friend .

It only still misses the notifications which I hope it arrives soon . You can Try the app for free with its trial version, and you can buy it from the store . [ Download ]

1- Falcon Pro

I personally consider it the best twitter client on android that gives you a whole different experience if you’re someone who’s living inside twitter. It’s described to give you the Ultimate Twitter Experience to Android Phones and tablets . It has a beautiful interface and scrolling is very smooth, push notifications and has an option to turn on live stream to get over the twitter API limit and avaliable in Dark / Light Themes .

It really worth the price and you’ll never feel you gonna need another client on your android device . [ Download ]

Thanks a lot to Yusra Badr For the help :)