Hisham Sadek

Viber/Whatsapp Alternatives ? .. Here you go

There are some mobile apps that we depend on every day in our lives to communicate with family, friends and for work. Some of us look for the cheapest way and the best quality, others look for which delivers best privacy .

Viber has been in a matter of being doubtful based on the information spread that his founder Talmon Marco, The Founder of iMesh which has been popular for being a spyware. Viber offers Free Calls / Text Messages over 3G & WiFi worldwide , but What could be other alternatives ?

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts has got much better recently especially with the new Android Kitkat Release. Hangouts supports Text, Video calls, SMS and it also got GIF and Location Sharing Support, all you gonna need is a Google account.

[Google Hangouts](http://www.google.com/hangouts/)


Based in Mountain View, Tango enables you to connect with friends and stay closer to family in a way that is easy, spontaneous, fun and fits the moment. Tango allows you to send free text messages, play games, and make free phone calls and video calls with those you care about. Tango works on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and even on PC.



Developed in Japan, Line offers the same what Viber is offering , Free Calls and Text Messages over 3G/Wifi , Voice seemed to be very clear and messaging was fine with lots of interactive emoticons . You might not be able to download it through the markets on many platforms but there’s always a way around to get it .



KakoTalk is a south-korean application which seems to be going up competing Viber, Allows Free Text Messages , Group Chats and Free Calls . It’s available on almost every mobile platform (maybe not the symbian which is old enough to stop using it) . It worth a try.



FreePP offered by Taiwanese Company “Browan Communications” .. It offers its services over internet for free and offline with buying credit, just like Skype . The app seems smooth and easy to use, reviews about it seems to be good too . It’s available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


Free Text Messaging

There are lots of options for WhatsApp Alternatives, The apps above can be used for texting . Other apps are available to offer free texting such as Kik Messenger, MessageMe, TextMe and the well known RIM Service for Blackberry that’s been introduced to iOS and Android, BBM.

The most difficult part is to convenience your friends to use another service.

UPDATED : November 10, 2013