Hisham Sadek

Vodafone Buzz : Bug gets you logged to Other Users' Accounts

As am working in the field, We (Designers or Developers) work hard on Designing and Developing Websites or Applications. Then it comes the rule of “Tester” . That Person who tests every single thing happens, finding bugs.

Apparently Vodafone Egypt did not hear about such position.I have been using their new product, Vodafone Buzz over the past couple weeks. The App Performance is slow, Service is always busy and user should try again, With Many Clients It Charges 1 EGP though It should be Free of Charge .

But The New Discovered Issue happened with me Yesterday after Rebooting My Blackberry and accessing The App again, Guess what , I am logged on another user’s Profile, Could control all of his Data, Facebook Posts, IMs, All his account settings .

I rebooted the Blackberry again after seeing this, Logged on the App, Yet Again I got another User Account Called ” Essam ” , Could chat with all his friends and accessing Facebook And Account Settings .

Third Reboot Got Me Back My Profile and I have contacted @VodafoneEgypt Account on Twitter complaining about the issue .

Today After I got out of an area without Network Coverage and Restarted Vodafone Buzz , I was for the 3rd time logged on Some Girl Profile . She didn’t have any Friends on it .

This is an extreme violation of Users Privacy with letting such a bug on their service till that moment. It was supposed after complaining Yesterday that their development team work on fixing such a problem ASAP !

Such Poor Developed Applications should have got its Alpha, Beta Phases . Vodafone, You are still for months giving your customers a reason to switch to Other Network .